3 Cost Effective Marketing Strategies that are Proven to Work

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January 19, 2024
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January 31, 2024

3 Cost Effective Marketing Strategies that are Proven to Work

Every business owner wants to do two main things: market their company effectively and not spend large sums of money doing so.


1. Use the “All in one SEO” plugin on your website. This site uses WordPress, and MonsterInsights is a great plugin that allows admins to see the effectiveness of different marketing strategies for no extra cost.


2. Google Business Profiles are great, free options for businesses to start growing their name within their niche. It has been talked about before on this website, but creating, maintaining, and posting to a GBP is a great way to grow your business with Google.


3. Site Checker is a tool that tells you exactly how Google is interacting with your website. It shows you how Google pushes, or doesn’t push, your content out to the general public and therefore you know what you can do to make sure Google pushes your content out.

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