Why Are Moving Company Reviews So Important Today?

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September 28, 2018
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Why Are Moving Company Reviews So Important Today?


Today’s society seems to value practicality above all else. Although we’ve paved roads to success many times throughout history for every profession there is, there’s always room for improvement. The moving business depends on a lot of factors, the most important one being clients’ impressions and recommendations. As luck would have it, there’s plenty of ways to learn about clients’ opinions nowadays. We live in an age where information is just one click away. This is a great thing for companies as well as possible clients. So let’s see – why are moving company reviews so important today?

Trust is the basis for good business cooperation

If you’re asking yourself the question of why moving company reviews are so important, your answer lies in the word trust. Having a crew clients can trust to deliver their belongings is what anyone who’s looking for a company wants. Since there are so many fraudulent companies out there, people are looking for something they don’t have to wonder about. This is where the importance of moving company reviews is comes in.

Hands connected in a circle

One of the best reasons for why moving company reviews are so important today is that people trust them.

A lot of people holding each other’s hands in a circle.

In order to have a satisfying business transaction on both ends, there needs to be a mutual agreement. Prior to the internet, moving company reviews were somewhat limited. Therefore, the chances of a misunderstanding were greater. Moving company reviews are important precisely because they offer detailed information to clients and prepare them for what’s coming.

Objective voice

Another factor that shows us why moving company reviews are so important and why people trust them is the fact that they’re the ones leaving those reviews. Before, you could rely only on commercials and companies to tell you, or, better yet, convince you of their credibility. Now, a person who’s got nothing to gain or lose, who’s the same as you, is leaving their thoughts.


Something else that shows us the importance of moving company reviews is the quantity of opinions and impressions available. This is why imperfect reviews with more participants have greater value than the five-star ones that have fewer participants. The more people that give us their positive experiences, the more comfortable we feel.

The more reviews that a moving company has, the more credibility it has as well.

A world map showing a hypothetical web between everyone with lines and circles.

Why are moving company reviews so important for both parties

World map with circles interconnected Whether you’re a company owner that’s interested in getting your sales up or a client looking for a reliable company, moving company reviews are quite important to you. Since we’ve discussed how clients can benefit from these reviews, let’s dive into the company’s perspective.

The best marketing strategy

Having a good commercial is always welcome. There’s something that just works when it comes to this type of self-promoting. A great thing about commercials is that they can be presented through more than just one medium and therefore reach a wider audience. Digital or otherwise, this type of marketing will get the numbers up. However, we have to wonder why are moving company reviews so important then?

Since the internet has taken over, we’re able to experience more than just the one-sided, traditional way of marketing. The best marketing strategy is to actually focus on the quality of what you’re offering. No matter how good your commercial team is, bad reviews can tear a company down just as easily as they can build it up.

Always room for improvement

Although you can pretty much let things run their course with a simple comment section, why not try to use technology to gain even more perspective? There are many ways to get people to interact and state their opinions about your company. The reason that a lot of people don’t comment is that they’re not used to it or they think it’ll take up a lot of their time. This is why you can come up with some other way to gain more moving company reviews that are important for your success. By having a clear vision, you’re bound to attract more people and have them participate.

  • Laptop with note pad and data sheet on a desk Create a survey
    Try to come up with five to ten easy and short questions. These questions need to have some simple and clear answers. Having a straightforward survey will help you gain some perspective and see what you need to work on.
  • Make charts
    Once you have the answers that you needed, make a chart that displays them. You can use it either to see what you’re doing wrong or for advertisement purposes.
  • Show gratitude
    Another way that you can attract moving company reviews is to make a game of it. Offer discounts and good deals in return for an honest review.

Making charts will help you gather information to improve your business quality.

A chart that represents results of a survey showing why moving company reviews are so important today.

Be on the lookout for fake reviews

As with anything else, you can never be too careful. Although the question of why moving companies’ reviews are so important is valid and has many good answers, don’t believe anything until you’ve researched it more thoroughly. A lot of times reviews can seem legit and perfectly honest, but be a scam in reality. There are many ways to buy fake followers and commentators. Luckily, there are some behaviors that give away this type of scam as well.

  1. Gibberish five-star comments.
  2. No profile pictures.
  3. No prior interaction with any other company or profile.
  4. Trying to diminish the values of competing companies.

Clearing your company’s name

Making mistakes is a part of life as well as business. Here’s what to do when you get a bad review. Although it’s unethical to delete comments and pretend that those mistakes didn’t happen, there are other things that you can do. Offering a chance to make it up to those clients and apologizing in the comments is the right thing to do. It shows integrity and dedication as well as the will to make things right.





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