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How Can a Moving Company Improve its Cash flow?
July 28, 2016
Could this be the Uber of the Moving Industry?
August 5, 2016

Welcome to Moving Company Forum

Welcome to Moving Company Forum! As a sales and marketing professional that has been around the industry since 2004, I must say that this industry is one that continues to interest me and teach me something new. I’m always learning something new from my friends and colleagues in the industry that know much more than me, and I’d encourage you to always be learning as well.

You’ve heard of the phrase – always be closing…well I’m more of an advocate for Always Be Learning, every day. Investing in personal education keeps you fresh, creates you into a resourceful individual, and instantly makes you more valuable in your organization, no matter the size.

This website is meant to be the premier place for moving professionals to get updates on news, trends, and new business practices. Navigating throughout the website will bring you to sections on Finance, HR, Career Opportunities, Sales, Marketing and Technology. We also ask you to join our email list so that you’ll never miss the new content posted to this site.

Thank you for visiting Moving Company Forum and we hope that you will continue to use this site as your source for news on the moving industry.


Chris Borrink – chris@borrink.com

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