Moving Company Business Report 2023

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October 17, 2023
How to Build Customer’s Trust: No Hidden Fees
October 25, 2023

Moving Company Business Report 2023

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When customers are researching online what moving company to move through, they follow mostly the same steps as with any other company. Because so many are researching companies online without talking face to face with them, it is important to make sure every tiny detail is correct with your online presence. 62% of consumers would avoid using a company if there were any incorrect information found online. Consumers look to Google (66%), Google Maps (45%), and a businesses’ website (36%) to find information on a business before even considering buying from that business. FaceBook is where most consumers will look for new moving companies, but it is also the least trusted platform. “It’s fair to say that, in 2023, a managed digital presence is an absolute must for businesses. Without this, a business is severely missing out on opportunities to build trust, boost visibility, and stay relevant in its audience’s mind.”

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