How to Read Google Business Profile Reports

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How to Read Google Business Profile Reports

Google Business Profiles sends monthly reports to all admins of the business listing on Google. Company owners often overlook these reports, even though they are extremely helpful. Reading Google Business reports is straightforward, but there are a few statistics that can be misleading or inaccurate. Google Analytics is always making fixes to the accuracy of these statistics, but there will always be some errors in these reports.


All 6 of the top statistics are usually spot on, as these metrics are directly measurable by one click from the user. For example, the “website visits from profile” statistic is measured by the number of users that clicked the “website” button from the Google Business Profile. This statistic could be misleading because it does not measure the amount of clicks to the direct link of the hyperlink in the Google search results. When reading these statistics, keep in mind that it could not account for some of the clicks on certain features of the profile.


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