Google Just Made a Huge Change to Ads – Here is how it Affects Moving Companies

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October 27, 2023
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November 4, 2023

Google Just Made a Huge Change to Ads – Here is how it Affects Moving Companies

Local services ads just received a major change during September, and the data is in. For a majority of businesses in high-competition fields, the amount they had to spend on Google Ads to show up in the searches of potential customers dropped significantly (Per Crystal Horton on Aaron Wenche’s podcast). For an extremely highly competitive market such as the moving industry, this is a significant thing. Not only does marketing on Google cost less now, but search results are rotated more often. Instead of a potential customer seeing 3 sponsored searches that mostly stay static and do not change, the potential customer now sees only 2 sponsored ads on desktop. On mobile, users will still see 3 sponsored ads 50% of the time. The best thing to come out of this change is that the sponsored ads are rotated more evenly among businesses. A series of tests were done by showed that over the course of four days, “Google rotated 10 different advertisers in and out of the top spots.” In the moving industry, ads will cost less and businesses will be rotated into and out of the top spots more frequently in the upcoming months.

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