Total AI: Google’s New Search Engine

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May 14, 2024
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May 29, 2024

Total AI: Google’s New Search Engine

Google is implementing “AI Overviews” in addition to its current Knowledge Graph search engine. Google is combining its previous search engine with Gemini (its own AI program) to provide its users with more in-depth responses to more difficult queries. For example, when users search for “target,” they will be directed to However, if they search for a multi-step question they will engage Google’s new AI search engine that will search the web for them, without the user having to click through multiple layers of links. This will be extremely helpful for people who are looking to move and find houses in certain areas that fit different levels of criteria such as location, color of house, proximity to school’s, school districts, and more all in one search. They will also include moving company suggestions such as the highest rated in that area. This places an even higher importance on SEO for moving companies, as the higher the ranking, the more customers you will get.

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