Use spokenote stickers to easily
and instantly add video notes to anything!

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Spokenote allows a revolutionary (but under-used) technology

QR Codes

to be interactive and imaginative!

It allows QR codes in a sticker form to be linked
to a promotional video, a thank you video, or anything else. 

In the moving industry, these QR code stickers can be used as a marketing tool
to create personal relationships with the client, which builds trust
and makes business relationships easier. 

Use Spokenote stickers to easily
and instantly add video notes to anything

It’s really that simple

Suggested Uses for Movers!

Costs - 10 for $10 or 30 for $30

These are perfect for personalizing greeting cards and gift cards. My friends and family love them.

I am amazed. It's so easy to record and send videos! I'm attaching video to everything now.

There are a million ways to use spokenote. It's the best way to personalize anything.


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