How to Market to Prospective Clients Without Losing Them

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April 5, 2024
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April 12, 2024

How to Market to Prospective Clients Without Losing Them

Prospective clients are being spammed with emails every day from any company they have ever given their email to. Some of them choose to and have time to sit down and read through these emails while others unsubscribe and ignore all of these marketing attempts. With email marketing only being effective when the customer is genuinely interested, or needs, the service or product, face-to-face marketing is crucial to get right when your sales representatives sit down and talk with a prospective client. Sales reps are crucial to the client acquisition process, so make sure that they do not oversell their clients and give them too much information at once. Also, do not let sales reps focus too much on return customers, as in the moving industry, relying on return business can take months or even years.

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