How to Market to Gen Z Home Buyers

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March 1, 2024
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March 13, 2024

How to Market to Gen Z Home Buyers

Gen Z are now in the market for houses, and marketing to those Gen Z homebuyers is different than traditional marketing. Instead of those traditional marketing methods that have worked for years, Gen Z has changed the way research is done and decisions are made. “Over half (51%) of Gen Z consumers worldwide use social media to look up a brand versus 45% who turn to search engines” (GWI core data 2023). Because of the increased numbers in social media users using it as a research method for important life decisions, it is vital that moving companies market on those social media platforms. Some findings of a study done by E-Marketer Insider Intelligence say that 1. the search features of social media are easier to use and 2. the results are more relevant to the individual user. These are things to keep in mind when marketing to Gen Z as they begin to buy houses and research the market. It is never too early to start marketing to the next generation.

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