Big Events Happening in Late March for Moving Companies

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March 13, 2024
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Big Events Happening in Late March for Moving Companies

2 major events are happening during the second half of March that Moving Company Owners should be aware of and either attend or have their employees attend. The first is the Annual Dispatchers Convention in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida March 20-24, 2024. It is a, “must-attend event for dispatchers and professionals responsible for coordinating the intricate web of logistics within the moving industry. Hosted by Conser and Cornerstone Moving & Storage, this convention offers a unique blend of educational sessions, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities.”


Another major event is the Moving Titan March Retreat in Tampa, Florida during March 21-22, 2024. “The retreat will feature expert-led discussions on industry trends, strategic planning, and emerging technologies” and is hosted by Moving Titans. This event is more of a “relaxed setting.”

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