Sales Management

Optimize your sales and marketing strategy to drive profits.

Borrink Consulting helps companies drive profitable growth by combining in-depth customer insights with practical expertise.  We help clients succeed with our our extensive experience in developing and executing strong sales and marketing plans for our clients.  Our clients recognize the growth for their organizations by having access to real data. Not only do we provide the plan to generate more profits, we show you the results with our metric driven mentality.

Our Services:

  • Project Planning
    Let us get you on track and execute the utilization of an online project plan to track all events, dates, owners.
  • Reporting
    We provide reporting of media expense and acquisition costs by channel as well as conversion rates, and pending leads.
  • Sales Goal Setting
    We’ll collaborate with your organization to understand your current sales goals and provide suggestions on how to set better goals, as well as how to obtain them.

If your teams are struggling to generate leads, and there are not enough closed sales, our sales and marketing consulting services will help you revamp your sales and marketing strategies. We cover the entire sales and marketing lifecycle, letting your team focus on what it does best.


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