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We provide high quality content to meet the needs of our clients to reach their target audience.  Our team of professional and experienced writers aim to provide creative and original content with a quick turnaround.

Meet our team of writers:

Beth Bengston


Beth Bengtson is a multi-faceted writer/editor who has worked for various companies and organizations including State Farm Insurance, the American Medical Association, and User Centric, a global user experience research and design firm. She also enjoys exploring the genres of poetry and creative non-fiction, and has been published in the literary journals Earthwords and Seeding the Snow. Beth has a BA in English from the University of Iowa.





Kara Miller

Kara Miller helps businesses use social media and website content to connect with, and listen to customers, potential customers, community groups and donors.  Kara enjoys helping people tell their stories using traditional media, print, the Web or social media.

Miller has an Emmy-winning broadcast media background and has worked at both the national and local news level.  She also has experience writing scripts, advertorials and articles.





Cassandra Greaves

Marketing Coordinator & Sales Manager

Cassandra Greaves has 15 years in marketing and sales experience and graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelors in Arts and Science.  She works in Cleveland, OH and helps clients with their social media marketing, online business reviews, design services, analytics and more.






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