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We’ve partnered with Podium, one of the top Customer Interaction Platforms to help you grow online reviews for your business.

92% of customers read online reviews.  What are you doing to solicit more reviews from your customers, respond to those reviews, and help you stand out from your competition? With Podium, we can help differentiate your business from the competition and lead the pack in local search.



Watch this short 10 minute video about Podium and why online reviews are a critical component to growing your online business presence. We’ll walk you through how the program works, the benefits to your organization, and the ease of use of the Podium dashboards that allows business owners/managers to measure the metrics and success of the program.




Stand out in local search. (SEO)


The Podium platform enables you to utilize familiar communication channels like text messaging, to collect reviews on most important sites to help you stand out from your competition.






Podiums Secret Sauce

Sure, you can email a customer for a review, but did you know that email has a 20% open rate and a text message has a 99% open rate? Pretty amazing isn’t it? The Podium technology taps into text messaging outreach to obtain customer reviews and with a 99% open rate. Imagine the impact in the increase in your online business reviews with those outstanding results.






Use The Convenience of Text Messaging to Get Real Results

The power of the Podium technology is in the prompt outreach to the customer to solicit the review.  With one click on your customer’s mobile device, they can simply leave a review for your business on Google, Facebook or other online review platforms as well.




Measure Success With The Podium Dashboard.

Get insight into what drives your business forward.  The Podium dashboard allows you to use that same user generated review content to gain better understanding of what your customers want and need.

On average Podium users see 41% more customer feedback and insight.



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